Blue Sky

If you play Portal 2 but are new to its online community, you may have heard people talk about something called "Blue Sky". You might have assumed at first that they were referring to Jack Dorsey's Twitter replacement, or the song by Electric Light Orchestra, only to become incredibly confused. So... what is Blue Sky?

Blue Sky is the most well-known fanfiction in the Portal 2 fandom. Written by wafflestories, it's about Wheatley returning to Earth, becoming human, and getting a redemption arc. People tend to either love it or hate it. People who love it praise its excellent writing and in-depth exploration of Wheatley as a character, and people who hate it hate it for portraying Wheatley as uncharacteristically sympathetic (compared to GLaDOS, who is not portrayed smpathetically at all in this fic) and for helping fuel the human-Wheatley-as-a-hot-twink-who-gets-shipped-with-Chell trend. I personally started reading this fic expecting it to be cringe, but I ended up unironically enjoying the writing and the plot.

Love it or hate it, Blue Sky's influence in the Wheatley Fancier community is pretty hard to ignore.

Where can I read it?

The fic itself can be read here:

The same author also wrote some ...unusual... epilouges:

  • The Itch (Chell and Wheatley fuck)
  • Kick (Chell has Wheatley's baby)

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