r/fuckwheatley was a meme subreddit I used to moderate. Basically, we would post memes where we made fun of Wheatley. It was only really active for about a week or two, after that I was basically keeping it on life support by posting something once or twice a month. And then during the Reddit API protests, I switched to using Lemmy and the subreddit finally felt the sweet embrace of death.

In loving memory of r/fuckwheatley, I have decided to archive some of the best posts from the subreddit here.

I've also created a yourworldoftext page where you can post your own Wheatley defamation.

The Ap-Sap (Wheatley themed item from TF2) except it says: 'Sneaky Bitch Level 99 Cunt Primary fire: lags game by speaking Alt-fire: fucking explodes pisses off opponents annoying as fuck'
posted by u/sans-tha-comic

"Another reason to hate Wheatley: He is a plagiarist with no respect for copyright laws who ripped off of this guy"
343 Guilty Spark from the game Halo. He kind of looks like Wheatley
posted by me

"Well… he DID deserve it"
Background story. While the original was created by Aperture Science; Human Wheatley was and employee, until he got fired by Cave Johnson for being in a wheelchair.
posted by u/External-Stranger801

a poorly drawn comic of Wheatley and Chell, with Chell drawing her fursona: Wheatley: 'what is that is that your fucking fursona fucking cringe' Chell: '...' This upsets Wheatley so much he goes to cry in the bathroom mirror
crossposted by me

"Two sentence Wheatley"
r/twosentencehorror post by u/inferno_josh: 'I was so excited to have finally created artificial intelligence Then I heard it speaking in a British accent'
crossposted by me

"Out of all the bands to cover he chose Weezer... What a piece of shit core"
The Weezer Blue Album cover except it says 'wheatleys' and all the band member's heads have been replaced with Wheatley
posted by me

"It's probably poison"
Wheatley hands you choccy milk, do you accept?
crossposted by me

Wheatley Rolls Worst Joint Ever Asked To Leave Aperture Laboratories
posted by me

An edit of a comic: Wheatley is on a dinner date with Chell and he is saying something to her. There's a speech bubble over his head with the same scene in it except in this version of the scene Chell is thinking: 'He brought up Machiavelli; he must be smart'. In reality, Chell is thinking no such thing
posted by me

A shitty mspaint guy looking at Wheatley having turned evil saying: 'The acquisition of power can corrupt even the most benevolent people.' but the actual point is going over their head, as depicted with a labelled arrow: 'BRITISH PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID'
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A tumblr post by @petrow1tch: 'people will say my little meow meow, baby uwu and it's the most atrocious man who ever existed who malebossed all the girlwives out of his close proximity and then committed several warcrimes and a few attempted murders with zero thoughts in his head' #this is about blue eyed steel twink ball from lesbian portal game #portal 2 #wheatley
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