The Wheatley Iceberg

All of the Wheatley-related facts and secrets that I could find, in the form of an iceberg chart!

Layer 1

  • WheatleyThe deuteragonist of the video game Portal 2. He is a robot that is programmed to make stupid decisions.
  • Evil Wheatley (spoilers)Halfway through the game, Wheatley is put in control of Aperture Science and he goes mad with power.

Layer 2

  • Blue Sky WheatleyBlue Sky is the most famous (or infamous) Portal 2 fanfiction out there. In it, Wheatley becomes a human. Depictions of Wheatley as a human in fandom are surprisingly common because people seem to think he is attractive for some reason.
  • Wheatley CrabA beta test of Portal 2 where Wheatley turns into a crab and sings a funny song. It's a pretty well-known meme.

Layer 3

  • Stephen MerchantWheatley’s voice actor. He is very talented and co-wrote The Office and Extras. He is also notable because most Wheatley humanizations resemble a more attractive version of him.
  • Object Head WheatleySome fanartists like to draw Wheatley as an Object Head. This is probably the second-most common anthropomorphization of Wheatley, next to the sexy Stephen Merchant clones.
  • Unauthorized Musical WheatleyWheatley shows up as a character in 'Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical'. Yes, that is a real thing that exists.
  • Lego WheatleyWheatley appears with other Portal characters in the video game Lego Dimensions.

Layer 4

  • Wheatley with stick figure arms and legsHappens sometimes in fanart.
  • Catboy WheatleySelf explanatory.
  • Wheatley in Skyrim'Fall of the Space Core' is an official mod for Skyrim which adds the Space Core to the game. Wheatley can also be seen flying around the Skills menu.
    Wheatley in the Skyrom Skills Menu
  • Potato Wheatley (spoilers)In the game, Wheatley turns the main villain GLaDOS into a potato battery. Some artists like to imagine what would happen if she got her revenge. Occasionally he's drawn as a different food item instead of a potato.

Layer 5

  • Dr. Who Wheatley (spoilers)Since the game ends with Wheatley floating in space, some fanartists like to imagine what would happen if he met the Doctor out there. This may have something to do with their status as British tumblr sexymen.
  • 343 Guilty SparkA robot from the video game Halo who kinda looks like Wheatley.
  • Waifu WheatleySelf explanatory.
  • Transphobic WheatleyThere's a blog on Tumblr called @the-wheatley-core that does really interesting character analyses of Wheatley. However, it's not very well liked because the person running it is a TERF and has other really shitty opinions.

Layer 6

  • Phyllis WheatleyA poet and former slave. Related to the video game character in name only.
  • PendletonThe original version of Wheatley from Portal 2's beta.
  • Wheatley VodkaA brand of vodka. Like the poet, it is only tangentially related to the video game character. It‘ll probably turn you into a moron if you drink too much, though.

Layer 7

  • Homestuck WheatleyA few fanartists have drawn Wheatley as a Homestuck-style sprite, or as one of the trolls from the comic.
  • Illegal NASA WheatleyAn actual NASA employee secretly laser-engraved Wheatley onto the HTV-3.
    A panel with Wheatley laser-engraved on it, with the caption 'In spaaaaace!' underneath.
  • Wheatley MMD ModelThere are some MikuMikuDance models for Wheatley out there.

Android Hell

  • Centiwheatley [DO NOT RESEARCH]Whatever you do, don’t google this. Worst mistake of my life.