sweet bro & hella jeff in... APERTOURE SCIENCE!!

A crossover between Portal and Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. It's not really about Wheatley per se, but he is there.

sweet bro and hella jeff were the hellest bros youve ever seen. they Played video games together

one day swaet bro woke up in a white roum. he was all like "what the fuck is the deal with all this shit. Most of all... his best bro Hella Jeff wasnt' there!!

He herd a vouice saying "helo and welcum (get id? Cum) to apertoure science! i am gladys, the robot that tests people and the sience. There will be a portpal on the wall that goes to another roum, this is where you will start testing."

"this is no good. wehar is hellajeff" thotg Sweet bro.

all of a sudden a portal appeared on the wal!!! Sweet bro went through it and found...

...a portpal gun, what were yuo expecting, the thooth fairy????

sweet Bro shot a portal at a wall. And another portal at a ceub, the ceub landened on a buton and the door opened. "I hope hella Jeff is one the outher side to this dore', he thoufgth.

Sadly there was onley an elevatioron the other side of the door. "You must gent on the elevader and proceed to the nxet tenst..." Said gladys.

"This is not cool or epic!!! At least it wasnt stairs thoughe...

hella Jeff woek up in a hotel roum... he heard a loud britosh voice at the door!

It was the vouice of weadley... he said "hello ella Jeff! We need to escape apertoure sience. But I am too stupid to do it myself.. will yuo pleaes help me???"

sure" said hella jeff "if you hepl me find my friend sweat bro..."

Ok said wehatley. but first I have to move this roum somewhere." wheasley started moving the room. paenels fell everywear and made a huge mess

"wate watch out for those stairs"! Said hella Jef

wehately dropped the roum down the stares. "Oh fuck we are falling down all ouf these stairs!!!"

"i warned you wheat. I warened you about stairs !!"

swet bro was solving the tests "Okey,, i am the best as solving thses testes!" said sweet broo.

"When yuo are finnished, youcan get to see hella Jeff, and also there wil be a .....caek!"

Epic!!!!!!! I love cake" said sweet bro. and he went to the next tets

The elevadior opened... and sweet bro saw white egg sheped things. "These are torets and they will shoot at you." Said gladys

A toret shooted at sweat bro. "Ow" swee tbro said and he shot back at the torret with hsi protal gun. There were miore toretes and he shot at tohes too. "fuck YOU TORETS!!!!!"

"Im sory" said the toret "i have to shoot at you. gladys makes us shoot at peopel even though we dont watn tou.for sience"

"that gladys... she its such an ass whole!!!" sweet bro wished he could shoot at gladys but she was just a disembodeid voiec...

hela Jeff and weatlye fell doun the stairs into another roum, and thear was a portal gun their!

"This is good," said waetley, we can use the protal gun to esacpe"

hella jeff and wheatley protaled throug apertore science's roums.

"they're is an evil robot named gladys... she likes to test people and kills them four sience. We muts avoid her" said wetley.

"but what if she is testing adn killign sweet bro... ..he is my freind"

"than whe need to saboutage her waepons... the torets and poison gas!"

they protaled to the room with torets adn poison gas.

"now what" said hella Jeff

"I dunno.." Said wsealey.

hella Jeff thot for a while.... and then he had an idea!!!!!

"i will switch the toret tube with the poison gas!" he did that

all the torets died from poison gas. "good joj" said wedtley "now gladys cannot hurt us" and they protaled to gladys's roum

Sweet bro went to the next test... but it was gladys's roum!

"I am gonig to kill you with poison gas" said gladys.

"That.. is NOUT cool! you are litteraly hitler!" sweet bro said

but all ouf a sodden............... came hella jeff and wehaetley

"were here to rescue you! Said hella jeff!"

"i sabtoaged the torets and poision gas!" Said waetlye.

"thakns" sait Sweet bro "now we can escape!"

"No" said gladys "even though yuo sboatoged my torets and poison gas... i won't let you escape! ill put yuo in fire

"uh oh" said sweet bro "what now"

"we need to put cores on her..." said hella Jeff and he put whealtey on gladys. whaetlye made gladys stupid and she started trying to kil sweet bro and hella jeff with spieky plates.... ahahahah just how HIGH do you need to BE to DO something like that??

"its not enough we need more cores" said sweet bro they boath got one thier hands and nees looking for cores... and at last they found one!

"I am geromy... the New Friend core!" they put him on gladys and gladys immediaetly exploded. geromy was so cool

And so sweet bro, hella Jeff, weately, and geromy were able to escape into the surfoce...

But there was nobody else on the surfoce... be conktinued?????????